More of God's Blessings

I was reading through my blog today and saw that I left something out. First off, I did not do this blog just to brag or to let you guys know all of this, but it will be saved for me to reflect back on and also for Ava Grace to see how she came to be.

Here is what I left out. Two weeks ago, right before this last sonogram, the specialist call me with the results of the two part screening I did. This was the screening to show the chances of downs, trisomy 18, and neural tube. The nurse said they were all negative!! She asked me if I wanted to know what the odds were and I said I sure. She said that with downs, our odds were 1 in 10,000! With the trisomy 18, the odds were 1 in 10,000! I believe she said they stop looking for concern at 1 in 300. Then she said for neural tube defect the odds were 1 in 1,000! Here they stop looking at 1 in 100. She told me that that was very good!!! Anyway, just another blessing from God!!

Ava Grace at 19 weeks

I am still learning about this blog stuff so sorry for the small pictures. The first one shows...nothing. meaning it's a girl! The next is a picture of her with her arms up by her head.