Here's a little update

I know it has been a long time. I have just been trying to get stuff ready and I just have not had any inspiration to write. Have you been there? Well, today I have had the inspiration...I have to let you know how it is! My back hurts! My belly sticks out about three feet!! I am emotional!! and I have been REALLY grouchy today!!! How is that for inspiration!
My day started off with me reading about Joshua dividing the tribes. I kept saying to myself..."God what am I suppose to get out of this???" But I did read a verse that said, Joshua was 80 years old and tired. God told him he was not done with him. So God still uses us when we are old. OK. For some reason I have been thinking about that all day. I am still waiting on the revelation about that scripture. Moving on, I go to get ready for the day and found myself in a conversation with James. When I went to get my clothes on, I always stop to make my bed. I started on one side and when I went around to the other, I saw the clock!!! It was 7:12 and we usually leave the house at 7:00! I grabbed something to wear and left the bed half done. Ok, so here is my outfit...a pair of extra large knit pants(not maternity), a tank top that was not maternity then a dress over it all. I have worn this lately. I came out and by the time I was in the kitchen, my pants had dropped down under my belly and the tank had jumped up over my belly! With no time to change, I said to myself...It is going to be a long day!!! And to top it belly button has decided to show itself off! Oh, was pregnancy like this the first time around? Then when I go to get my kiddos to take them to the bus, one little kindergarten girl ask me everyday.."Are you going to have a baby?" I guess they can't help but notice since my belly is about eye level to them.
On a good note, I had a baby shower at school. It was great and we got more stuff for our little one! Everyone tells me little girls need lots of clothes. She is starting off with more that she will be able to wear! Thanks everyone.
I don't think I have updated since my shower at church. It was a fairytale shower! Beautiful! I am still amazed at the decorations and the cake. Thank you ladies for all your hard work!
I hope I have not rambled too much, I guess I needed to vent a little! Thanks for listening!
Have a great Day!