We are still alive

Yes we are still alive! It is really hard to find time to post! I will admit it that this mommy business is not like I expected. This little miracle baby is making it a miracle that I am still alive! I will try to post a picture of our sweet doll, if I can find one of her asleep! No she is not sleeping through the night and yes I have returned to work. I think I needed to go back to work so we both could enjoy each other. When I am home with her all day I keep finding this that could be wrong. Like thinking her formula is not the right kind, is she breathing ok.. and so on. She is a tooter from sun up to sun down and I can not seem to find a formula that will take care of that. I don't think she has gotten any better like everyone said she would.("She will grow out of it") I think she has just learned to deal with it and I went back to work!

Yes I am loving being her mommy and she has began to smile! That is worth all the long nights! She does love her daddy. In fact the week I went back to work, she decided he was "it"! He was the only one who could make her happy except when I feed her. Once again her timing was way off because I really did not need her to not want me that week! But she does love her mommy and smiles at me all the time now.

Sorry if it seems like I am rambling, it must be the lack of sleep. I heard a song today on the way to church. It was by Francesca Battistelli called "this is the stuff". That is my song! I lost my keys about five times last week! Check it out.