I just Laugh!

You know I spoke to the ladies yesterday, well James came home today and told me he heard I did a great job. He said that they thought I was funny!!? I share my deepest secrets and you think I was funny. So I laughed. I was trying to remember...didn't Sarah laugh??? I looked it up and in Genesis 21:6 it says, Sarah said, "God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me," I have been laughing since April! I just look at myself and laugh. I laugh at James because he will be 40 Saturday. He doesn't think he is getting old. I have been telling him, you just wait. OK, I know 40 is not old and in about 10 years, 50 won't be old either!!

I am rambling...if you could have seen me this afternoon, you would have laughed to. I was squatted down trimming my hedges, thinking "this is not a good position to be in right now...and I start laughing and fell over on the bump called my rump! Yes, God has such a sense of humor! And I am so glad I can share it with you. He has brought us great laughter!

What a great day!

Today I had the opportunity to share our story with the Ladies of our church. I have known that I was going to do this for several weeks and have been thinking about it. I pretty much had it all together this week so I could just practice and try to make it flow better. I stayed up till 1:00am this morning trying to say it. I found myself falling to sleep as I was talking and saying the weirdest things so I went to bed!!! My first thought this morning was I have to cut that down. We will be there all day!! I really tried ladies, but there is just so much that God has done! I want everyone to know about it. Thanks for listening, ladies.

I came home this afternoon and crashed! When I woke, I started thinking about all the things I have to get done before this little angel gets here. The next project on the list is her shower. That will be next Sunday. I have been given a list of items to give to the hostesses. They are keeping me busy. I guess that is a good thing because did you happen to look at that ticker thing at the top of the page? Today it said 60 DAYS to go. What happen to the hundred and something days?! The other day I looked at the big belly in the mirror and it hit me...THAT THING HAS TO COME OUT!!!!! Oh Lord, am I really for this?

Saturday Morning

Here I am Saturday morning and my mind is going crazy! I have so much that I NEED to get done and so much that I WANT to get done. I am speaking to the ladies of our church next Sunday and I don't have it all together!!! So today was going to be that day when I got by myself and focus on that. Well, I have washed two loads of clothes, ordered two pairs of shoes (that I hope will fit my fat feet), and I have checked my email. It is 10:00 and my guys will be back soon so you know what that means! As I read over my messages, I came to Ali's update. She is a 5 year old girl who is fighting cancer. Her mom is amazing! She shares her feelings as they journey though this wilderness. This morning she wrote about being busy with all the stuff we put in our lives and when the storms come, we forget that there is peace for the taking if we get in the right boat. I would love for you to read her thoughts and to see what God is doing in their lives...its a miracle! http/www.caringbridge.org/visit/alli_gator_callender

So, even though this little one will be here is less than 10 weeks...OMGoodness! I will try to take one step at a time and not stress over my list of things to get done. God has done too much in my life for me to miss it because of all the STUFF that I THINK are important.

I have a new picture of Ava Grace but my computer crashed and I am using James'. It does not have the scanning software I need on it. She is growing and still has her arms in front of her face! What was neat about these pictures is her fat cheeks! I could not believe it. James still thinks she has a big nose. My friend said she had MY nose....did I call her my friend? LOL. So, honestly, do I have a big nose?? So, what's wrong with a big nose? ...........OK, I'm leaving now, to go meet with God. See ya.


When I saw these, it really hit me. She is a little baby! She is a 3lbs 7 oz. chunk! As Melanie said today, "full figure" females must be a strong trait. (Mel, I just couldn't bring myself to write "fat"!!!) Anyway, not sure if Ava Grace will be wearing new born outfits!
Ok, She is sticking her tongue out. That is not her lip! She also does not like to have her picture taken...that is not yet. I can't wait to kiss on that little arm!


We met with our specialist, Dr. Briery on Thursday. They did a sonogram and all kinds of measurements. First off we wanted to make sure we had a girl, so the tech showed us! James said "whats that" and the tech said "girl parts!" James said "oh, let's move on." Very obvious a girl!! Then the tech tells us she has a big belly and more fluid than normal. Dr. Briery said I probably was on the borderline of gestational diabetes. Baby is 3.2 lbs and is in 95 percentile. So, I am trying to eat better. If any of you have dealt with GD, please give me some suggestions. Doctor is very concerned with having a big baby, so I will be seeing him every two weeks and my regular doctor the other weeks. I mention to Dr. Briery that OB said she would induce a few days early just because I am high risk with seizures. Briery said...about two weeks early!!!! Oh my I was not ready for that. Once I started calculating everything, I realized I was not ready at school. So I have been a little anxious the last two days. I know everything will be fine. I am a last minute person but I have realized I have got to get myself together and get it all done!! Ava Grace will be here real soon.

Oh, sorry for not posting pictures, but the only ones we got were the "parts" pictures. I thought it best not to post on the world wide web!!!