Change the world

Have you ever wondered if your child will be the one to change the world in some way?? After trying to feed Ava yesterday and seeing her determination to not eat the vegetables but the peaches, I thought, girl, you could change the world. Your just that head strong. I asked James if he thought she could and he said well, she's already changed mine!
Last night at bible study, we are beginning to study the books of Samuel. I was reminded of what Hannah's name means ...Grace. Hannah prayed for so long for a child and God gave her Samuel. I know God gave us Ava Grace's name and he continues to remind me that. Bro. Tilley also said Eli the priest taught Samuel how to hear the voice of God. I love that. Oh how I hope we consistently teach our children how to "hear God's voice". I love hearing the voice of God and I want them to know that voice too!