Let's Give It Another Try

Here I go again.  I am going to attempt to try to keep up with this blog once more!  I really want to.  I enjoy writing about how I have seen God in our lives.  So often I forget to look around and notice him.  He is always present and I just love letting others know about Him.  And when my children grow up, I hope to have many writings to show them just how important He is to me.  I have freshened up the face of my blog so I guess I need to post a fresh picture of us!

Why do I wait?

I really don't know why I wait so long between post.  I guess I just get busy and forget.  It doesn't matter to me if very many people read this blog, it really is just for me to journal what God does in my life.  That was just a slap in my face...And WHY do I wait so long to post??  God does so much and I am going to try to give Him more credit.  So, this morning as I was getting dressed I thought about how relaxed I have been in ready my Bible.  I thought "God where have you been?"  Then He said in a loud voice.."Right where I have always been.  Where have YOU been?"  I grabbed my phone to read a devotional and this was the title. The Danger of Drifting. It talked about how we become so caught up with life that we neglect to think ahead or notice how fast we are moving away from the safety of the Lord's plan.  Proverbs 14:15-16 reveals that the wise look to the future to avoid ruin. Drifting is foolish.  In countless arenas of life--marriage, family, vocation, finances, etc,--we need a clear destination and navigation plan if we expect to be successful.  God provides both.  So no more drifting for me.  I'm staying close by my Savior!