Here we go again!

Well another story of God taking care of things. Thursday I had a doctors appointment. I took my glucose test and fail it!! I had to do the three hour test and chose to do it on Saturday instead of taking another day off from work. Well the three hour test was yuck! I got a little sick at my stomach, so that really made me wonder. I had already searched the internet to see what gestational diabetes was and what it could mean for me and the baby. Needless to say I was starting to worry. I have to admit that I was not "believing God". Then I heard that small voice inside say "Julie, we are not done yet. I am still working things out." Ok God, I gotcha. Well, I passed the test!....I can go back to the bake shoppe!!! Just kidding. That really scared me so I am TRYING to eat a little better. And besides that, while I was shopping the other day, a lady working at the dressing room shouted across the store "well there's someone about to domino!" I turned around and said sheepishly, no. She said "well, are there twins in there?" Walking away I said "no!" She said "well, you sure are big!" I wanted to say "WELL, you sure are rude!" but I just walked away. As I tried to shop, I got madder inside, I felt like everyone was looking at me thinking oh that's who she was talking about! I had to leave. As I drove home I started thinking about all my friends who have been telling me I am looking great for six months. I wonder if they are just trying to make me feel better, because I am really looking like a COW!!! Just wondering!!!

I have another specialist appointment on Thursday so I hope to be able to post pictures. Check back and see!!

What a Day.

Today was meet the teacher. I prayed today that everything that came out of my mouth would bring God glory. I knew several people would ask me about the baby and this was my opportunity to tell how good God is. Well, I did not talk to too many people since I do not have a homeroom class. When I left school, I had this burning desire for a sugar cookie with icing from the bake shoppe!! So I stopped by and got one....a big one! There was a young girl that helped me and two other ladies (whom I was acquainted with) off to the side working. When I turned around they both were looking at me so I broke the ice by saying "yes I am"! They said they were not sure and did not want to say anything. I started telling them our story. One lady started tearing up. They were so sweet. Then the young lady said she would be shocked too if she got pregnant since she and her husband could not have children. I told her that all things were possible with God. She said it would be a miracle! The other lady said "well we are looking at a miracle right now!" My heart was so touched by those ladies in the Bake Shoppe. I just may have to visit them more often!!!

The Bump

Here is a picture of the "the bump". This was taken July 25, we have grown just a little since then. We are doing pretty good except for the heat! It zaps me! And....for the Bake Shoppe cookies with icing!!! Gotta stop that! And the dreams! I have had the craziest and funniest dreams. I wake up every day telling James about them. I sometimes still can't believe this is happening. Well, I started back to school today. Ugh! One good thing about it, I will be so busy, November 25th will be here before I know it! I did get a few things accomplished this summer...the room is painted a soft pink thanks to Garrett and Kristy Morgan and the crib was ordered and put up thanks to Dad and big brother Ian!!

Who's Looking?

I would love to hear from some of you who stop by and read our blog. I want everyone to know what God has done for us and to give encouragement to anyone who needs it.