Love you more

Every time I tell Ian I love him he tells me "I love you more". He asked me yesterday if I loved Ava more than him. I told him that before Ava was born I wondered how I would love anyone else as much as I loved him, but God had given me so much love that I loved Ava just as much as I loved him. He told me "well, I love Ava more than you"! Oh, that shocked me but I would not want it any other way!!!

Welcome to motherhood!

Welcome to Motherhood....again! This is the first week we have been by ourselves. All of our nannies have gone home. I decided to give Ava a bath. So while she was a sleep a got everything together. I filled the little tub with water, making sure not to get it too hot. Made sure the towel was laid out, and got all of the items I needed. Here we go. I can do this on my own. Of course she started crying! I cleaned up her dirty diaper and put her in the tub. She immediately pooped in the tub...a bunch!!! So I cleaned her off as good as I could and let all that good water out. I picked her up and ran to the bathroom to get another rag. When I grabbed the rag, another one fell in the toilet! So I have a wet slippery baby in my hands, a clean rag and a wet one from the toilet. I went back to back to the sink to clean her up and about that time, she peeped! Luckily it missed me and went on the floor. I know what you are saying...Welcome to motherhood!!! I LOVE IT!!!!