Growing sooo Fast

I can not believe how fast she is growing. Each day has been full of laughter! I guess one thing about being older parents is we seem more laid back. We find ourselves just sitting and watching her! "Did you see that?" "Watch her." She is so different from Ian. She does not like to give kisses and if you happen to get one, we make a BIG deal about it!!!
Our days and nights with Ava have not all been "rosie"! Especially the nights! Ok, yes she is in our bed. And we like it like that except she got in a habit of waking up several times a night and we would stick a bottle in her mouth. She liked that and developed a nasty habit. The only way she would go back to sleep is to have that bottle. Well, Saturday night we decided we had to break her of this. That was a long night. she threw a huge fit! We lived through it and stuck to our guns. Sunday night was a little better. So after four nights, she is getting better. Hopefully tonight we will sleep all night.
Another big thing that has happened is Ian got invited to go to Canada with People to People. I know it is a great honor but that would be hard to let him leave. We really are going to have to pray about this one. Ian told me last night that he thought God had brought this into his life and he thought God really wanted him to go. Oh my, when did he become so in tuned with God? Of course that is how I really want him to be! We will see how God works this one out!