It's A Girl

Well, we went to the specialist today and all we were concerned about is what the gender was of the child. Right off, he assured us that it is a girl. Of course we already knew that but we wanted some confirmation! God is so good. But that is not all God showed me today. The doctor said, "Julie, you realize that when you first came to our office, there was a 1 in 48 chance that you would have a child with down syndrome or neural tube defects because of your age and having epilepsy and taking anti-seizure medications. After your first sonogram and blood test, you now are at a 1 in 300 chance." Wow! There are many things that he was concerned about since I take this medication; heart problems, spinal problems and cleft lip. He really studied the heart for a long time. James asked him if he saw a concern and he said no, he was just looking to make sure the valves were opening and closing properly. Everything was working great! He then said that the spinal column looked great too! Then he took a picture of the upper lip! No cleft lip, it was perfect! It hit me that God was taking care of all the little details. When we first met with the doctors they told us all the things that could go bad because of my age and medication. They said I would have this triple screen test to see if I was a possible carrier of all these problems, then we would discuss whether to have an amniocentesis. I really had no doubt that I would have to have this discussion! Well, as of right now there is no need. Even with the odds stacked against us, Everything is looking wonderful! Thank you all for your prayers for Ava Grace.

God Knows My Heart

I can't believe that I am sixteen weeks into my pregnancy. It seems like everyone has one burning question..."Do you know what you are having?" Each time I feel like God is giving me a test. Will I tell them I know it's a girl because God gave me a promise or will I fell the test and say we are not for sure but we think it is a girl? That seems to be the easy way out and I don't look like a crazy women! What if it is not a girl and my belief was wrong. But I know what is in my heart and I believe I let God down each time I do not proclaim the promise he gave to me. I have really struggled with this lately. Today I came across a phrase in my bible study and it has put my struggle to rest: If I err, let me err on the side of belief. God looks on the heart. I'd rather Him see misguided actions from a believing heart than safe and sound actions from an unbelieving heart.
Friends, I believe we are having a girl because almost two years ago God promised me that He had a girl for us. If not, that's fine, God knows I have had a believing heart.

Still Amazed

I have to share with you another God moment. This is what I wrote in my journal on April 2 (7 days before I found out I was expecting).
(Acts 12:13-15) The prayers of the group of believers were answered even as they prayed. But when the answer arrived at the door, they didn't believe it. We should be people of faith who believe that God answers the prayers of those who seek his will. When you pray, believe you'll get an answer. And when the answer comes don't be surprised, be thankful! Believe me, I was shocked after I went back and read this. God answered my prayer while I prayed and then when the answer came, I was surprised. Why not just be thankful!!