One Year Old!

What a surprise! Today we celebrated Ava Grace's birthday! Can you believe it? I can't. Even though some days I feel like I have had her forever because I feel like I have been ran over by a mac truck! Wow, she walks and CLIMBS! I told her on the actual day of her b-day that I had made it one year and I was gonna take my vitamins and make it another!! She is such a joy to me. Not easy, not passive. She is full of life. I find myself just dropping everything and sitting on the floor playing with her. My life just stops sometimes with her. What is so funny is she has the same effect on Dad and Brother! She is a mess!
So I guess you have seen the picture I posted. At the party, Ms Sharron (Noni) surprised me with a gift and this is what it was. A picture of the Avalon street sign! Yes I cried! Every time I come to this sign I wonder how I could get it. I wonder if the street people would let me have it if I told them the story? Well this is great, I now have it! Framed and everything! Now if you don't now the story about this sign, you will have to go back and read my old blogs. ....I guess I can give you a little hint. I always wanted another child and really felt God was going to give us one. After many years of praying. It never happened but I kept believing. One day I was going to Longview and I was fussing at God for not coming through for me and questioning where I was crazy for believing for so long, I came to this sign. I knew I wanted to name my girl Ava. I looked at this sign and knew right then that he had an Ava for us to love. I was to keep believing! Two years later we were shocked to find out that we were pregnant and of course it was a girls. One year ago November 10, 2010, Ava Grace McRight was born. She was promised to me and I just get chills every time I see my sign!!!!! Thanks Noni!