I have been needing something to jump start my Bible study again. Something to inspire me.  I just haven't found anything that has appealed to me. Maybe I should just open my Bible and start reading!  That seems to work for others. I want to be that guru that knows the Bible and can quote scriptures right when needed. I sat down with my coffee this morning and opened my Bible and it fell open to a quite time book we received at Glorieta a few weeks ago!  I guess this as good of a start as any. I started reading where I left off three weeks ago.  "Be Inspired"!    It asked When was the last time you felt inspired?  What inspires you?  I always think of how He has spoken directly to my heart and surprised me with revelations!!  I think of how wonderful his creation is and how he put it all together. How he knows just what I need when I need it. But as my lesson this morning states, Creation will eventually fade.  We were not meant to worship the creation. Inspiration comes from God. It is never ending. We have life because he willed it to us. He desires for us to live in fellowship with him. To live our lives inspired daily by the fact that He is above all. God has inspired us to go, share, and live for His glory. Is there any greater calling?  Is there any greater source of inspiration than God himself??  Hummm, there He goes again!  Giving me just what I needed!  He never ceases to amaze me!  

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