Shepherd Boy

I was recently told I need to update my blog.  I told them I would when I had something to write about!  I got it!!!  I am reading Praying Circles around Your Children by Mark Batterson.  (This is what I read today:   David's own dad didn't see who he could or would become.  When Jesse looked at David, he saw a shepherd boy; when Samuel looked at David, he saw a king!  One of the greatest dangers of family relationships is that we become blind to beauty and mystery simply because we live in such close proximity.  You need a vision for your children.)  So this morning I prayed that I would not just see Ian as a shepherd boy but I would see a King.  God, give him confidence and boldness to be the person you have designed him to be. 
I remembered that I had taken this picture yesterday of Ian "walking" his goat!!  I have to say only a King would think of something like this!  If only he could find someone to appoint to do it all for him!!  This picture will always remind me to pray this prayer for him!  Just love my Ian!!

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