Angels all around

Angiogram went ok.  Doctor said if you are going to have and aneurysm mine is in the best spot.  I feel very confident in Dr. MaWad.  Everyone kept telling me he was the best!   That is good to know!  I was released Tuesday afternoon and spent the night at Kristie and Jimmy's apartment.  We felt the ride home would be too much.  James and I left Houston about 9:30 Wednesday morning.  I was feeling good, just a little sore.  We stopped in Kingwood to eat early lunch and to walk around.  I set down to eat and stretched my leg out and felt something pop!!  Oh my!  I started getting light headed and told James.  I stood up to see if I could walk.  It felt like a cramp in my groin where they went in for angiogram.  I leaned over the table but did not pass out.  Out of nowhere I heard a lady ask if she could help.  James told her what was going on and asked her to call 911.  She went and got the manager to call and immediately came back to help.  I kept thinking to myself, I just need to lay down!  Before I knew it, this sweet voice said, "Do you want to lay down on the cold floor?"  Oh yes!  and there  I was on the brick floor of Cracker Barrel!!  She began wiping my forehead with a cold napkin.  She kept saying, "I do this all the time.  You are going to be ok".  I got a little anxious and she said "it's ok. You can cry."  I finally opened my eyes and saw this beautiful young women with long red hair!  Her name was Patricia.  She is a stewardess for Continental Airlines.  All I could say to her is "You are an Angel!"  Thank you!  The EMTs came and took me to ER.  Long story short, all is fine.  They did an ultrasound to make sure my site was not bleeding and that that there were no clots.  We believe it was just a muscle spasm.  After searching, other people have had the same thing happen.  The doctors assured me I did the right thing having it checked out.  I would have hate to have been three and a half hours away from Houston and this happen!!!  I told Kristie that after all of this, we are gonna all have to go have our new gray hairs colored!  I think even James is gonna have to have his done!!!

This ordeal was not fun and it scared several people including me!!  But I have to stop and think of the moments that God was all around.  I can not get this red-headed lady out of my mind!  I told Kristie, she is one lady I hope will be in Heaven!  Of course I want everyone to be there.  I always think of my family and friends first, but then God puts people in my path that I think, Lord I hope they choose You!  I don't know if Patricia is a christian.  But what I do know is I had a moment where God allowed me to tell her it was a miracle that God led the doctors to find this aneurysm. I was able to tell her she was an angel and blessing to me!  Maybe one day while flying on continental airlines, I will look up and see a red-headed stewardess named Patricia!  Wouldn't that be awesome?!!!

God, Thank you for my family.  I know they have been so worried lately.  Please give us all peace and the the calm assurance that you have this all in your hands.

For I know the plans I have for you declare the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Jer. 29:11

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