Make an Altar

Thanks to my sister Robin, I have been reading Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson.  What a great book!!!  Each of you must read it!  I just want to share a little about what he made me think about today.

We don't build altars anymore like they did in Bible times.  Why not?  When God spoke to people, they would build an altar to remember their meeting with God.  Do you remember your meetings with God?  You know I often forget mine.  They mean so much to me at the moment, but then as time goes by and I get back in my routine, I forget the feeling.  Sometimes I forget what God told me!!!  So why do we not build more altars?  I'm not saying to go gather a bunch of stones and stack them up.  Let's use what we have with us 24/7.  Our phones!  Our cameras!  Take a picture.  Make a note.  Then......Share it!!!!  I am going to do it more.  Of course most of you know that I share my meetings with God here on Miracles Never Cease.  I never realized it but I have an altar that I have shared with you before.  I will share it again and if you want to know what it means, well....your gonna have to read ALL my past post!!!!   Don't you just love God?!!!  I

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