And the Rooster crows!...or the Sun shines!

I just love it when I have mornings that God talks to me.  Or maybe I should say, I stop to listen to Him!  Well this morning I was having my quiet time and some how I wondered over to facebook to check what is going on.  But I could not seem to see my screen.  I turned to see what was causing the problem and low and behold, God had cause the sun to rise and it was shining right on me!!!  You know how it is, when that big beautiful sun shines so bright that you can't see anything.  I moved to the right, then to the left and finally said  "OK God I see you!"  I think He was saying, "yoo-hoo, remember me?  We were having our time together then you left!"  Yes Lord, I hear you loud and clear!  I closed my facebook and headed back to my reading.  Now get this!  What I was reading was about Peter hearing the rooster crow and being reminded of denying Christ!  Wow!  God got Peter's attention too!  Just like he got mine!  Can you imagine how Peter felt every time he heard a rooster crow?  I know it was not pleasant.  He was reminded every time of his sin.  I love the sound of my roosters.  This big guy above wakes me up every morning!  I have never thought of having a negative feeling when I hear his crowing.  But I think now it will remind me to confess my sins and ask Him for forgiveness.  Just like every time God shines the sun on me I am reminded how Awesome He is!    I say to myself  wow God you did it again!  Encore!  I love how He gets my attention.  Maybe if I start listening to Him all the time, He won't have to hit me so hard on the head!  How has God gotten your attention?  Has he used something that will always remind you of your time with Him?  I would love to hear about your special moments with our God!

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